Azman, middle age

Azman, a middle aged man, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and currently undergoes chemotherapy.
Through a friend’s recommendation, he supplemented with Asxence at a dosage of 12 (3×4) capsules daily. As a result, he gained multiple benefits after his 18 weeks of chemotherapy such as:
  1. Regained energy
  2. Gradual appetite improvement
  3. No mouth or throat ulcers (typical chemotherapy side effect)
  4. Skin did not turn dark (typical chemotherapy side effect) – in fact, his skin tone lightened as seen from picture 1
  5. Gained weight – at least 3 kg
  6. Did not experience much side effects in general (has quality of life )
  7. Tumor shrunk from 5.9 to 2.9 cm after chemotherapy (refer to report in picture 2)
  8. Asxence helped him complete the full course of chemotherapy at the prescribed dosage
He is therefore really happy and decided to share this to help other people with similar problems.
一名中年男子阿兹曼,发现肺癌 第4 期,正在接受化疗。
通过朋友的推荐,他使用 昂晟Asxence 以每天 3×4 粒的剂量服用。
以下是经过第一轮的18 周后治疗周期和服用昂晟Asxence 的好处:
  1.  恢复精力
  2.  食欲慢慢好转
  3.  从来没有经历过咀巴或喉咙溃疡(化疗的症状之一)
  4.  皮肤色泽并没有真正变黑,实际上是在化疗期间中变浅(见图1)
  5.  体重增加至少3公斤
  6.  基本上没有太多副作用(生活有质量)
  7.  在化疗药物的帮助下,肿瘤从 5.9 厘米缩小到 2.9 厘米(参见图 2 中的那些报告)
  8.  昂晟Asxence 避免了减少化疗剂量或停止化疗的情况
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