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Mr Lai

Mr Lai has been taking Asxence for a year. A few days ago, he had a teeth extraction that required 6 stitches. The dentist told him that it would take approximately 3 weeks to recover.
However, he was able to eat a few hours after the extraction and did not feel severe pain in the following days. The most amazing thing is that his wound was almost completely healed after 6 days from extraction. Even his dentist was surprised at the speed of his recovery.
Mr Lai commented that his skin is always slow to heal, but he recalled his friend telling him that Asxence has very strong repairing and rejuvenating properties that aids in cell turnover.
He is very confident and happy with Asxence’s many health benefits and decided to share his experience.
黎先生回想他本人的皮肤恢复能力本来就比较慢,但介绍昂晟( Asxence) 超级食品的朋友说过,此产品有很强的修复细胞,使细胞年轻化,促进新细胞的生长的特别功能。
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