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Testimonial – Sports related muscle aches and joint pain (个人体验 – 运动导致的肌肉和关节疼痛)

Kenneth, a sportsman was using Asxence (superfood) to relief his muscle aches after his sports such as jogging, swimming and badminton.
His shoulder and arm joints were painful after every badminton game and swimming session. He sought many ways to overcome the pain but the results were very minimum.
He decided to give Asxence a try although he didn’t quite believe it at the beginning.
To his surprise, after taking one bottle, it basically “changed his life”. Most of his pain was relieved and he only feels very minimum pain after vigorous swimming. He also noticed that he has better stamina while playing his sports.
Further, his complexion looks much better than before. He is very happy with what he is experiencing and is here to share to the good experience of supplementing with Asxence.


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