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Testimonial – Gout (个人体验 – 痛风)

A lady had very serious gout issue on her feet and was unable to walk properly because of the sharp pain, inflammation and swelling.
She did not want to take pain killers or steroids to alleviate her problem for fear of side effects from the medicine.
Her friend recommended her Asxence to relief this issue and she took 6 capsules a day. Within 4 days, the pain and swelling reduced by half. Within a week, her gout recovered fully with no swelling and inflammation.
Therefore, she is there to share her experience in hopes that it can help people with gout issue.
通过朋友推荐昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来帮助缓解这个问题,她每天至少服用 6 粒胶囊。

Testimonial – Post Covid Symptoms (个人体验 – 冠状后遗症)

A young lady had multiple health issues after contracting covid. One of the prominent issue was serious leg swelling which caused pain and restricted her movements. Further, her body started emanating a strange and unpleasant body odour.

Feeling frustrated because nothing was achieved from doctor’s medication, she tried Asxence super food after being recommended it through a friend.

Within one week of consuming Asxence, the swelling in her legs started to subside and the body odour decreased.

In three weeks, the swelling in her legs was entirely gone and her body no longer produced a bad odour.

As such, she would like to share her good experience with Asxence to help people with post covid symptoms.


她十分懊恼因为從醫生的藥物治療中都無法有效解决以上问题。经過朋友推薦昂晟(Asxence )超級食品,她开始服用昂晟來幫助解決上述情。



她想在此分享昂晟(Asxence )对冠状病後綜合症的好处,希望能够帮助冠状后遗症的人。

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