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Shoulder pain (个人体验 – 肩膀疼痛)

Zhi Ying injured her shoulder and suffers from bad pain. She wanted to visit the TCM for massage but is worried that she will need a few sessions to heal which will be very costly.
Her friend recommended her to Dr Yap to try out his super food Asxence to improve her blood circulation and other health conditions. She purchased a few bottles instead of going for the TCM massage.
Within one day of taking 8 capsules, her shoulder pain reduced significantly. Therefore, she continued taking Asxence and received the below health benefits:
  1. Sleeps better and feels more fresh
  2. ⁠Feels less lethargic for her work and activities
  3. ⁠Improved physical fitness
  4. ⁠Improved overall health conditions
  5. Good in reducing pains
Hence she strongly recommends Asxence to people.
在她第一天服用 8 粒胶囊后,她的肩膀疼痛就减轻了很多。她继续定期服用昂晟(Asxence),并获得了以下健康益处:
  1. 她睡得很好(渴望已久)感觉更清新
  2. 工作和活动时也不会昏昏欲睡
  3. 体质增强
  4. ⁠改善整体健康状况等等
  5. 有很好减轻疼痛的作用

Testimonial – Recovery from Sickness (个人体验 – 恢复健康)

A young fitness coach Zheng fong was down with sickness and could not enjoy what he did when he was well.
He tried many ways and means to speed up his recovery by ensuring that he consumed a lot of fruits and getting sufficient sleep.
He increased his dosage of Asxence (a super food he has been using to maintain his health), and experienced a speedy recovery from the sickness.
He was really happy with the extra benefits of Asxence and is here to share so people with similar health issues can try Asxence out.

对昂晟(Asxence )的额外好处他感到非常满意,并在此与大家分享。如果有遇到类似的问题,可以尝试使用昂晟。


A young lady who works in a restaurant, has irregular hours of rest and stays up late often. She is unable to sleep well and constantly feels tired.
Through a friend’s recommendation, she took Asxence super food to aid in her sleeping issues. In 2 months time, her sleep problem is almost resolved.
She is very happy and wishes to share this in order to help people with sleep issues.
通过朋友推荐昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来帮助她解决睡眠问题。服用2个月后,她的睡眠问题几乎已经解决了。
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