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Testimonial – Prostate Enlargement Issue (个人体验 – 前列腺肥大的问题)

Mr chow has prostate enlargement issues which led to frequent urination especially at midnight which causes him to wake 3-4 times every night. Therefore, he is not able to rest properly and always feels very tired.
The Urologist suggested using laser treatment but he was very afraid of this treatment and decided not to do that for the time being.
He was recommend Asxence superfood to improve his condition and he started supplementing.
After taking 6 (3×2) capsules a day for 6 months, he now only needs to visit the toilet once or not at all. As such, he can sometimes sleep through the night without going to the toilet.
He even measured how much urine his bladder can hold which is around 300-350 cc (normal range).
He is very happy and is here to share his experience, in hopes that this video can reach more people who face similar problems.
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