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Testimonial – Psoriasis (个人体验 – 牛皮癣)

A middle age man has very serious chronic psoriasis for more than 35 years. Till date, he has spent a few hundred thousand and sought help from different doctors and treatments. However, his condition did not improve and instead, continued to deteriorate each year.

He was prescribed with 3 injections each month which cost him a few thousand dollars (beyond his financial ability to finance them). His condition also affected his quality of life which caused him to feel very helpless.

Through a friend’s recommendation, he tried Asxence to relieve his conditions. After 4 months of consuming Asxence at a daily dose of 9 capsules (3×3), he saw his condition improve. In 9 months, he saw a 70% improvement from before Asxence consumption. This resulted in him being able to reduce the monthly injections by half which gave him a huge financial relief. Further, his psoriasis outbreaks are becoming milder and less frequent which helps him have a better quality of life.

He was very happy with the effects of Asxence and decided to share his experience in order to let people with similar issues benefit from Asxence.

Note: serious psoriasis is a type of auto immune disorder which in general, has no cure.


他每个月需要打 3 针药,花费他几千坡币(这超出了他的经济能力),而且牛皮癣也严重影响了他的日常生活。这令他感到十分绝望。

通过朋友推荐昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来帮助缓解他的病情,他每天服用 9颗(3×3 )胶囊。将近 4个月后, 情况开始好转。9个月内,他的病情改善了近 70%。这让他每月注射剂量从 3 次减少到 1.5 次,大大节省了他打针的费用。 此外,他的牛皮癣复发情况轻微很多了,也不那么严重。最重要的是瘙痒已经减少了很多,从新提升了他生活质量。

他对昂晟(Asxence )的效果非常满意,并决定分享以让有类似问题的人可以尝试昂晟来改善他们的皮肤问题。


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