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Testimonial – Menstrual Improvement (个人体验 – 月经改善)

A famous influencer tried Asxence to improve her health after it was recommended by Alvin.
She was very surprised when she experienced the below improvements for her menstruation after just one week of supplementation:

  1. There was no blood clots although she used to have a lot of blood clot before taking Asxence
  2. All the period blood was fresh red, which is a healthy sign, where before, the colour was always dark brown
  3. She feels more energetic after taking Asxence as she previously always felt fatigue due to long working hours

Therefore, she specially made this ( video ) testimony to share with the public in hopes that more people have the chance to try out Asxence to improve their health too.

一名网红在 Alvin 的推荐下尝试使用昂晟超级食品(Asxence )来改善她的健康。

  1. 服用昂晟(Asxence) 后没有血块,而服用昂晟(Asxence )之前她有很多血块
  2. 所有的血液都是鲜红色的 – 这意味着健康的标志。在此之前颜色一直是深棕色
  3. 服用昂晟(Asxence) 后,她感觉更有活力。她总是因为长时间工作而感到疲劳

所以,她特意制作了这个(视频)见证与公众分享,希望更多人有机会尝试昂晟(Asxence )来改善他们的健康。

Testimonial – Regulating Menstrual Cycle (个人体验 – 调理月经失调)

Yuki Liz, a 49yr old, has been suffering from different types of pre-menopause symptoms over the past 4 years.
Things got worse in the last 6 months and did not get her period. She visited her family GP multiple times and yet things are not improving.
She felt that she was too young for menopause and through a friend’s recommendation, she decided to try Asxence superfood.
After 10 days of supplementing, her period came. She felt relieved and was astonished by this superfood.
Therefore, she is sharing her experience so that other women experiencing the same issues like her can consider supplanting with Asxence.

Yuki Liz 现年 49 岁,4 年多来,她断断续续地遭受多种不同类型的绝经前症状的困扰。
今年是最糟糕的一年因为连续六个月(最长)没有来月经。 她咨询过家庭专业医生但是医生建议让她的月经结束并进入更年期。
她感到非常高兴,同时也非常感激,并在这里分享她关于昂晟(Asxence )超级食品的美好体验。 同时,她也知道很多女性都有类似的问题,所以希望能够帮到她们。

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