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Adrian, 62

Adrian, a 62 year old man, contracted a rare cancer called salivary gland cancer years ago. Although this cancer was cured, he was unfortunately diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (aggressive type) recently. He underwent chemotherapy and immunotherapy for many months and suffered a lot of side effects from these treatments. However, there was little the doctors could do to alleviate the side effects.
This all changed after his good friend Alvin recommended him to Asxence super food as a supplement. Within a few weeks of consumption, most of his side effects (insomnia, stomachache, memory loss, hair loss, uncontrolled salivation, heart discomfort, mouth, throat and tongue ulcers) were gone.
He has since become more energetic and his latest review with the doctor went well whereby the doctor told him that his cancer is under better control compared to a few months back and therefore, his life span would be extended.
He is very happy and has decided to share his good experience with Asxence against cancer treatment side effects. He hopes to help more people who have similar illness and would like to share a piece of advice: healthy people should maintain their health by supplementing with Asxence.

一名62 的男子Adrian,多年前患上一種叫做唾液腺癌的罕見癌症。虽然治癒了,但去年診斷出患有第四4 期肺癌,(攻击性類型),因此必须接受化療和免疫治療。這些治療有很多副作用,但是他和醫生都無能為力。
直到他的好朋友 Alvin 向他推薦昂晟Asxence 超級食品來调整身体状况。吃了昂晟幾週後,大部分副作用(失眠,胃痛,失忆,掉头发,流涎,心臟不適,口腔,喉嚨和舌頭潰瘍)都消失了。
他非常高興,决定分享他對昂晟Asxence 与治療癌症的良好經驗。希望可以幫助更多有類似疾病的人。他也建議健康的人服用 Asxence 保持健康。

Simon, 25

Simon, a young 25 year old man experienced multiple benefits after taking Asxence Astaxanthin for 6 months:

1. He managed to gain 6kg of body mass, increasing his weight from 52kg to 58kg. Previously, he had been trying to put on weight but was unable to do so. With Asxence, his organs are able to absorb nutrients better.

2. He feels more energetic, allowing him to better focus at work.

3. His memory has improved significantly.

4. He no longer feels so heaty. Previously, he would get ulcers in his mouth when he took a small amount of chocolate or even a cup of Milo drink.

5. His sports performance improved tremendously and muscle sores were less apparent after competitive games.

6. His skin has also become more radiant with improved complexion.

一個25歲的中年男性Simon非常瘦弱,服用Axsence 6個月後,這些是他的反馈:


2. 精力更充沛,能更好地專注於工作。

3. 服用 Asxence 後,他的記憶力也更好了。

4. Asxence解決了他的身体燥热問題,在服用之前,如果他吃少量的巧克力或一杯Milo,他的嘴裡就會有潰瘍,感覺全身都熱乎乎的,現在他可以随意吃巧克力和喝美祿,也不会有任何問題。

5. 他發現自己的運動表現提高了很多,而且比賽后那些肌肉的疼痛也減輕了,甚至沒有疼痛,現在他可以享受幾個小時的運動而不必擔心肌肉酸痛。

6. 他的臉色看起來比以前更容光焕发, 比以前好多了,他感覺像是變成了另一個人。

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