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Testimonial – Speedy recovery and reduced pain after knee replacement surgery (个人体验 – 膝盖更换手术:恢复速度快和减轻疼痛)

An elderly man’s knee had to go for a major knee replacement and strengthening surgery due to serious wear and tear.
Based on his age and health condition, his doctor estimated that he required at least 6 weeks of rest before he can attempt to practice walking.
He was very worried about the long down time as it will affect his quality of life. At this point, someone recommended his Asxence for faster recovery and pain reduction. He started to consume 6 (3×2) capsules daily.
By the third day, he felt improvement in the pain experienced and he could sleep well at night. Thereafter, his knee recovered fast and well and in 17 days, the doctor was able to remove his stitches and he was also allowed to start practice walking. The speed of recovery was 50% faster than the doctor’s estimation and his doctor too was surprised with his speedy recovery.
He is very happy and is here to share his experience so as to help people who need to undergo surgery.

他非常担心,因为这是段很长的时间,会影响他的日常生活。在这个时候,有人向他推荐昂晟(Asxence)超级食品来帮助加快恢复速度和减轻疼痛。 因此,他每天服用 6(3×2 )颗。

Testimonial – Rheumatoid arthritis (个人体验 – 关节炎)

A lady has serious Rheumatoid arthritis due to old injuries which led to accumulation of fluid around her knees. Her knee area became swollen and she had to see a knee specialist to remove the fluid.
After that minor surgery, she was on strong pain killer, antibiotics and anti swelling medication. She felt very tired and weak after the medication and most importantly, the swelling did not subside. At night, she would have trouble sleeping because of the severe pain.
She felt helpless for weeks until her friend recommended Asxence super food (which has very strong anti inflammatory properties and more) to aid in her issues.
Within a few days of consuming a high dosage of Asxence (3×2 capsule a day), her swelling improved a lot and the pain reduced tremendously. She can now sleep well and even regained her energy which helped her focus at work.
She is very happy with Asxence and wishes to share her good experience.
几个星期以来,她一直感到无助,直到她的朋友推荐了昂晟(Asxence )超级食品(含有非常强的天然抗炎功能等等)来帮助她缓解问题。
在服用高剂量(每天 3×2 粒)的几天内,她的肿胀明显改善,疼痛也大大减轻,晚上也可以睡得很好。不仅如此,她也恢复了精力,可以专注于她的工作。
她对昂晟(Asxence )非常满意,并希望在这里分享她的美好经历。

Testimonial – Knee Fracture (个人体验 – 膝盖骨折)

A young lady fractured her knee and was unable to walk well for a long time despite going for multiple physical therapy sessions.
Her friend recommended her to Asxence super food which helps in repairing, rejuvenating and reproducing cells aside from having strong anti-inflammatory properties.
In less than 3 weeks, she managed to climb up and down the staircase without much issue and required less physical therapy treatments.
She was very happy with Asxence and decided to share her experience in order to help more people with similar knees and joints problems.
她的朋友推荐昂晟(Asxence )超级食品给她因为昂晟有修复、使细胞年轻化和再生身体细胞的效果,并具有非常强的抗炎特性。
服用昂晟(Asxence )后,在不到 3 周的时间里,她可以轻松的上下楼梯,并且可以减少治疗的次数。
她对昂晟(Asxence )非常满意,并决定分享她的经验,以帮助更多有类似膝盖和关节问题的人。


A lady travels frequently for conferences. Due to past issues, she experiences pain in her knees and some of her joints. Further, she suffers from body ache, tiredness and breathlessness.
Asxence was recommended to her as it is one of the most powerful antioxidants on earth with very strong anti inflammatory (will reduce pain), anti fatigue and immunity boosting abilities.
The lady bought a bottle and consumed 4 (2×2) capsules on the day of purchase. The very next morning, most of her pain was gone and she felt energetic again.
She is thankful for the good experience with Asxence and would like to share this.
昂晟(Asxence )是目前地球上最强大的抗氧化剂,具有非常强的抗炎(会减轻疼痛),抗疲劳和增强免疫力的特性。女士听到后,便听取介绍购买了一罐试试。
购买当天,她服用了四颗(2 x2) 胶囊。第二天早上身体的虚弱与不适和大部分疼痛都消失了。她也感到精力充沛,恢复了活力。
因此她决定分享对昂晟( Asxence ) 的良好经验。

Ahmad Zamani

Hi, I am Ahmad Zamani. Badminton is one of my passionate sport and mostly play every days. Since I had my knee operation 2 years ago, doctor advised me to stop and wait for the recovery that will expect to take longer time. I had tried many others supplement and medication but seems the result still the same but after trying this Axcense the product from Singapore. I can feel the different on my knee and I could move better on badminton court. Although I am still not fully recovered but I managed to move and hit the shuttle rom backcourt to frontcourt. Therefore, I am very grateful to have this product tried.

As a sport man and badminton lover, this supplement improve my health a lot and I would like other people to experience it as well. I wish to recommend Axcense to those who need to improve their health. Thank you

嗨,我是艾哈邁德·紮馬尼。 羽毛球是​​我熱愛的運動之一,大部分時間每天都在打。 由於我兩年前做過膝蓋手術,醫生建議我停下來等待恢復,但需要很长長的時間。 我嘗試了許多其他補充劑和藥物,没有什么改善,但在嘗試了來自新加坡的 昂晟”Axcense ”產品几个月之後。 我能感覺到膝蓋的不同,很大的改善,我可以在羽毛球場上更好地移動。 雖然我還沒有完全康復,但我可以從後場到前場進行了穿梭。 因此,我非常感謝試用該產品。

作為一個運動愛好者和羽毛球愛好者,這種補充劑極大地改善了我的健康,我希望其他人也能體驗到它。 我想向需要改善健康的人推薦 Axcense。

Male, middle-aged

A middle aged man has gout for many years and attacks were quite regular. When such attacks occur, he would need to consume very strong painkiller Arcoxia to suppress the pain.
Further, he is plagued with long term knee issues due to overexertion from sports and a heavier body weight.
Asxence was introduced to him at a daily dose of 2×2 capsules. After consumption, his gout has almost recovered and only very mild pain is sometimes experienced. In the past year, he seldom experience gout attacks and even if attacks happen, they can be managed without taking painkillers. His knee issues are also mostly gone. As such, he decided to share his experience in hopes that people with the same issues can benefit from it by trying Asxence.
一位中年男士患有痛風多年并且經常发作。每当发作时都需要非常強的止痛藥 Arcoxia(對身體有害)來抑制疼痛。此外,由於過度运动和體重的增加導致長期膝蓋問題。恼人但没有好的解決方法。
直到有人介绍昂晟(Asxence )給他。每天服用2×2 粒膠囊后,他的痛風幾乎恢復了。只是偶爾留下非常輕微的疼痛,很少發作。過去一年就算痛風发作也不需要再服用止痛藥了​​。膝蓋問題也幾乎解決了。因此他想分享他服用昂晟的经验。希望其他和他症状相似的人能参考并且试吃昂晟以解决他们的问题。

John Cheah, 27

National athlete weight lifter John Cheah – Weightlifting shares his heartfelt experience with taking Asxence.
Once troubled by his old knee injuries, he wanted to give up on competing. However, Asxence granted him a second chance at competing as he was rid of such issues after consuming Asxence for a few weeks.
Now, he always feels energetic despite his tight and tough training schedules. Further, his muscles ache less due to faster recovery from trainings.
As a result, he strongly recommends young people who are engaged in intensive competitive sports to try Asxence to aid in better performance and results as well as to recover faster from sports injuries.
全國舉重運動員John Cheah 分享了他服用昂晟(Asxence)的忠心體验。
从前,他膝盖的旧伤一直带给他困扰。因这些旧伤,他险些放弃比赛。但是,因为在服用昂晟(Asxence) 幾週後,这些伤都几乎康復了。所以,他又有了第二次参赛的机会和念头。

Soh Chin Tiam

When I first took Asxence, I felt more energetic, slept more soundly at night and my body recovered much faster from my daily walks and jogs.

I was suffering from knee pains from climbing steps. Miraculously, the pain disappeared after 2 months of taking Asxence and it is unbelievable indeed.

I would highly recommend Asxence to people of all age groups due to its positive effects on one’s health even in the long run.👍

John Cheah, 30

I injured my knee in the September of 2020, and have been trying to manage the pain around the patellar since then. Glucosamine supplements, along with a proper physiotherapy protocol helped me in the recovery process, but the stress of training leading to a competition in April 2021 meant that the pain kept coming on and off through this 7 month period. In addition, the muscle inflammation (commonly felt after training) was severe, and needed weekly relief via massage/dry needling.

I started taking Asxence Astaxanthin in May 2021 after being introduced to Asxence. It has been a month an a half of ramping up training volume and intensity for my next competition, and despite the increased load, my knee hasn’t had a flare of pain since. The inflammation in my VMO has also disappeared— much to the surprise (and disbelief)— of my physiotherapist. In addition, I feel much more alert and able to train, almost as if I’ve reverse- aged back to my early 20s (I’m 30 this year)!

As an athlete, I was initially suspicious of the effects and the legality of Astaxanthin, but a check against the World Anti-Doping Association’s list of banned substances revealed that this is a completely legal supplement. It pains me to share the incredible success I’ve had with Asxence, because it might take away the competitive advantage of this second wind it’s giving me.

Male, 30’s

A national athlete in his 30s had chronic knee problems for more than a year. Despite ongoing physiotherapy, recovery has been slow and tough due to concurrent intensive training. This resulted in him not being able to achieve a breakthrough in his personal record.

After a recommendation from a fellow sportsmen, he tried Asxence which helped greatly alleviate his knee pain. He can now carry out a more intensive training regimen and feels that his physical prowess has improved by leaps and bounds to a level when he was in his 20s.



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