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Testimonial – Vision Recovery (个人体验 – 视觉回复)

A lady had injuries on her right eye for more than 10 years due to eye infections. Despite doctor’s medications and treatments, her vision has deteriorated 90% and she can’t see from her left eye at all. Her doctors told her there is nothing much they can do.
A friend recommended her to Asxence and she supplemented 6 capsules (2 capsules, 3 times) daily.
1. After one month, she started seeing colour although her vision was still very blurry.
2. After 3 months, she started being able to see herself in the mirror although the quality of her vision was only 30-40% of her original vision.
She was very encouraged by the results and continued supplementing.
3. In 9 months, she can see things without much problems and noted that she has recovered 70-80% of her vision.
Additionally, she also feels more energetic and healthy.
She was very happy with the miraculous results and is here to share her amazing journey with Asxence.

通过朋友推荐昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来尝试改善她的视力恢复的可能性,她每天 服用6颗(2颗,3次)胶囊。
1. 服用一个月后,她开始看得到彩色图像,尽管仍然很模糊。
2. 服用3个月后,她可以开始在镜子中看到自己,虽然只是原本视觉的30-40%。
她对自己取得的进展感到非常鼓舞,并继续服用 昂晟(Asxence)。
3. 9个月后,她的眼睛恢复了70-80%的视觉。
她对奇迹般的结果感到非常高兴,并在这里分享她和昂晟(Asxence )的奇妙体验。

Testimonial – Chronic Eczema (个人体验 – 长期湿疹)

A man has long term chronic skin condition (a type of Dermatitis) for more than 20 years and he was unable to find any solution.
The worse thing is that he would often scratch till his skin breaks and bleeds due to the itchiness.
Through his friend recommendation to Asxence super food to improve in his conditions, he witnessed the following:
1. In 2 months, his wounds healed faster and the itchiness reduced.
2. His skin texture looks much better – it is not as dull and as dark as before.
3. In 6 months, most of the affected areas have healed and no new infected area surfaced.
4. He also feel more energetic, and less lethargic after taking the Asxence .
He was really happy and is here to share his experience in hopes that people with similar problems will benefit from Asxence too.

一名男子患有长期慢性皮肤病(一种皮炎)超过 20 年。即便寻找肚种方法改善病情,都无效果。
3. 6个月后,大部分感染患处已痊愈,没有新的感染处。
4. 服用昂晟(Asxence )后,他还感觉精力更加充沛,不再容易觉得疲惫。
他真的很高兴,所以在这里分享,希望有类似问题的人也能从昂晟(Asxence )中受益。

Testimonial – Eczema (个人体验 – 湿疹)

A young girl had very serious eczema flare ups after her Covid infection. The flare ups occurred on her hands, legs and body and her face was very dry, red, super itchy and at times even flaky. She sought many treatments but did not see much improvement in her condition.
Her mother asked her to try Asxence after being recommended to it by a friend. She tried it and although her eczema continued to flare and subside during the first two months, each flare up was less severe and less often.
In less than 3 months, her eczema has almost recovered, and right now her condition is stable.
She was very happy with Asxence and would like to share her experience in hopes to help more people with similar problems

直到有人建議她的母親让她使用昂晟(Asxence )超级食品來緩解她的症狀。她服用后,在幾週內她的病情有很大的改善。
虽然濕疹在前2 個月內會發作和消退。但每次病情都會變得不那麼嚴重,而且頻率也在下降。在不到 3 個月的時間裡,她的濕疹幾乎痊癒了,現在她的生活恢復了正常。


A lady slipped and fell down and sustained cuts and scratches which got infected and required bandages. However, the bandages triggered her allergies which caused her hand to appear raw and red.

She was very worried as her skin is extremely sensitive and slow to heal after an injury. Usually, she would require oral antibiotics or topical antibiotic cream to recover and it would take at least a few weeks for her skin to heal.

Prior to her fall, she had been taking Asxence for a month and she took her friend’s advice to increase the dosage after her fall to promote faster recovery. To her surprise, her injuries and allergies miraculously healed in less than 9 days.

She is very happy and has decided to share her good experiences with Asxence.



在她跌倒之前,她已经服用了近一个月的昂晟( Asxence )。她跌倒之后,在朋友的劝导下,她增加昂晟( Asxence )的量以助于伤口恢复。
令她惊讶的是,她的伤口和过敏在不到 9 天的时间里奇迹般地痊愈了。


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