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Testimonial – Knee Cap Replacement Surgery (个人体验 – 膝盖骨置换术)

An elderly man had his knee cap replaced. It involved a major surgery where a 33cm incision was made. The specialist told him he would require 2-3 months before he can start practicing to walk due to his age and health condition.
However, a friend introduced Asxence to improve the wound healing, suppress inflammation and reduce pain after operation.
He supplemented with 6-9 capsule a day and to his surprise, 18 days later, he could start walking.
Furthermore, during the healing period, the pain was very minimum and most importantly, he can now walk freely and climb staircases.
He is here to share his experience as he knows many elderly people go through knee replacement like him so he hopes to help that they will try Asxence for faster recovery and less pain during the healing process.



A lady slipped and fell down and sustained cuts and scratches which got infected and required bandages. However, the bandages triggered her allergies which caused her hand to appear raw and red.

She was very worried as her skin is extremely sensitive and slow to heal after an injury. Usually, she would require oral antibiotics or topical antibiotic cream to recover and it would take at least a few weeks for her skin to heal.

Prior to her fall, she had been taking Asxence for a month and she took her friend’s advice to increase the dosage after her fall to promote faster recovery. To her surprise, her injuries and allergies miraculously healed in less than 9 days.

She is very happy and has decided to share her good experiences with Asxence.



在她跌倒之前,她已经服用了近一个月的昂晟( Asxence )。她跌倒之后,在朋友的劝导下,她增加昂晟( Asxence )的量以助于伤口恢复。
令她惊讶的是,她的伤口和过敏在不到 9 天的时间里奇迹般地痊愈了。


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