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Testimonial – Migraine (个人体验 – 偏头痛)

Jo has chronic migraine for many years. She sought doctors’ help and tried other ways of treatment but saw minimal results.
She was quite frustrated until Alvin recommended Asxence (a super food) for her condition. To her surprise, in one week’s time, the pain reduced by 50%. And in less than one month, her chronic migraine is basically gone.
She started sharing Asxence with her family members and friends to improve their health. She was very happy that they experienced some good effects as well.
What amazed her was, since 2 years ago when she started taking Asxence, her chronic headache never came back.
So, she is here to share her experience and hope people with similar condition can try out Asxence.

令她欣慰的是,自从她开始服用昂晟(Asxence )2年多以来,她的慢性头痛再也没有复发过。

Testimonial – Chronic headache and Gastric Issues (个人体验 – 慢性头痛和胃病)

Derrick, a repeat customer, stocked up on a large quantity of Asxence after his wife’s good experience with Asxence. His wife suffers from chronic headaches and serious gastric problems.
However, after taking Asxence for about 6 weeks, her chronic headaches improved drastically. Although she occasionally still has headaches, she can at least carry out her daily routines without interruptions.
Also, her serious chronic gastric issues have completely resolved. Derrick was very happy as his wife had been plagued by gastric issues for years. He further shared that his uncle benefited from Asxence when his diabetic open wound healed.
As such, he is here to share about Asxence to help people with similar problems.


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