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Testimonial – Alopecia areata (个人体验 – 斑秃)

Caleb had Alopecia areata issue for 6 months but did not seek any treatment due to his busy schedule.
Dr Alvin recommended him Asxence (a super food) to help ameliorate this issue. To his surprise, after two months of consuming Asxence, his family members discovered his hair has grown back and he no longer has Alopecia areata issue.
Furthermore, his sleeping improved and he feels more energetic, less stressed and has better radiance on his face. Therefore, he purchased Asxence for his family members too.
He is very happy of the benefits he gained from supplementing with Asxence and is here to share his good experience.

Caleb 患有斑秃至少 6 个月。但由于非常繁忙,他从未寻求任何治疗。
Dr Alvin Alvin 向他推荐了昂晟Asxence(一种超级食品)来帮助他解决问题。令他惊讶的是,他服用昂晟(Asxence )两个月后,他的家人发现他的头发又长回来了,而且不再有斑秃问题。

Testimonial – Hair Loss (个人体验 – 脱发)

An elderly man (75 years old), had hair loss issues for many years resulting in many bald spots on his head.

Someone recommend Asxence super food to help him improve this issue and improve his health condition. Due to his higher age, he took 6 (3×2) capsules a day.

After a few months, he could see some new hair growing and in a year, his hair growth was very obvious. Furthermore, he feels less lethargic and more energetic.

He was very happy with the results and is here to share his good experience with Asxence.





Testimonial – Hair Loss (个人体验 – 脱发)

A 75 year old man took Asxence to improve his general health especially for his skin and cardiovascular issues.
While he is happy that Asxence helped improve his skin and high blood pressure issues, he discovered good hair growth after 6 months of taking Asxence (2×2 daily).
Therefore, he is here to share his experience in order to help people with hair loss issues .

一位 75 岁的年长人服用昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来改善他的整体健康状况,特别是他的皮肤和心血管问题。
他很高兴昂晟(Asxence )对于改善他的皮肤和高血压问题有很大的帮助,但他也意外发现服用昂晟(每天 2×2)6 个月后,他的头发长了很多。

Testimonial – Improvement in mental stress and anxiety/nervousness (个人体验 – 减轻精神压力(紧张/焦虑))

A young lady Zhi Ying was taking Asxence to improve her general health and after supplementing for three months, she is very happy to share her good experiences.
1. Her complexion is much better than before.
2. Her hair looks better and in fact, she witnessed more hair growth.
3. Improvement in mental stress and anxiety which helped her eliminate the need for daily medication to calm her down. Only once a while will she need to eat her medication.
Her mood has become much better and controlled and she feels more confident. Her doctor is very supportive in her taking Asxence.
4. Her nose block and heavy breathing has improved a lot and she hardly have those issues anymore.
She is very appreciative of those benefits she got from Asxence and is here to share her good experiences.

2. 她的头发比以前更有光泽,而且头发比以前长得更多。
3. 她的精神压力(紧张/焦虑),自从服用昂晟(Asxence)后,减轻了许多。她不在需要每天服药来让她平静下来。 目前偶尔才需要服用药物。
4. 她的鼻子阻塞、呼吸沉重的问题进步很多,有些时候完全没有这个问题。
她很感激从昂晟(Asxence )获得的这些好处,并在这里与大家分享。

Testimonial – Hair loss and Dry Skin (个人体验 – 脱发和皮肤干燥)

Mr Hady had hair lost issues for years and tried many ways to resolve it to no avail.
One day, his Friend Alvin recommended him to take Asxence super food to counter his hair lost issues as Asxence has reparative, regenerative and rejuvenating properties.
After 3 months of consumption, he saw new hair start to grow. Additionally, his skin texture improved and became smoother. His nails also grew faster, became stronger, more luminous, and less prone to breaking easily. Previously it was rough and ridged and chipped off easily.
He is very happy and is here to share his experience with Asxence because he knows that many people has hair loss and dry skin issues.

“哈迪”先生多年来一直有脱发问题。他尝试很多方法,但根本看不到任何改进。 直到他的朋友 Alvin 推荐他服用昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来对抗他的脱发问题。因为昂晟(Asxence )有助于修复,使细胞年轻化和再生身体细胞的功能。
不仅如此,他还有更好的皮肤质地(之前干燥和粗糙),皮肤变得更光滑。之前,他的指甲表面粗糙(波纹),并且容易折断。现在他的指甲变得更光滑,有亮度,长得更快并且不会 不容易断裂。

Testimonial – Cancer (个人体验 – 癌症)

Ming Joe’s father had last stage of multiple cancer (relapse case) and through a friend’s recommendation, he got his father to supplement with Asxence super food while undergoing chemotherapy.
He noticed the below:
1. His father’s lifespan was extended from 4-5 months (specialist’s estimation) to close to 3 years.
2. His father did not suffer much pain or side effects from chemotherapy.
3. His father maintained his quality of life and his family almost forgot he was undergoing chemotherapy.
4. His father’s condition largely differed from other patients undergoing chemotherapy in the hospital.
5. New black hair even started growing after a few months of taking Asxence when he was undergoing chemotherapy.
He is therefore a true believer of Asxence and encourages other people who has similar issues to try out Asxence for a good quality of life.

明杰的父親身患晚期多發性癌症(復發)。通過朋友推薦,他让父亲服用昂晟Asxence 超级食品幫助父親度過化療。
1. 他父親的壽命從4-5個月(專家說)延長到3年左右。
2. 他的父親几乎沒有遭受過化療帶來的疼痛或副作用。
4. 他的神色比其他在医院接受化療的患者相比有极大的不同。
5. 在使用昂晟几个月后,他在化療期間甚至長出了新的黑髮。
这使明杰成为昂晟(Asxence )的受益者,并且深信昂晟的效果。他鼓勵其他有類似問題的人嘗試 昂晟Asxence 以提高生活質量。


A man had serious hair loss problems for many years and his situation was getting worse. After someone recommended him Axsence to improve his hair loss issue, he regularly took 2 capsules a day and started witnessing hair growth.

After 6 months, the difference was quite significant. Although the improvement is slow, he is very happy to gain new hair growth on top of many other health benefits he received from supplementing with Asxence. As such, he has decided to share his experience in hopes that other people can benefit from it.

一个男孑多年来有严重的脱发问题,而且越来越严重,可是他无能为力。直到有人推荐他服用昂晟(Axsence )对抗脱发问题,以及提供健康利益。他每天定期服用 2 粒,几个月后, 令他惊讶的是,一些区域开始长出新头发。

超过6个月,差异很大,虽然改善很慢,但他非常高兴能长出一些新头发,而且旁边的头发越来越多。他也从昂晟(Asxence )获得了很多健康益处。他希望别人可以参考他的经历。

Adrian, 62

Adrian, a 62 year old man, contracted a rare cancer called salivary gland cancer years ago. Although this cancer was cured, he was unfortunately diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (aggressive type) recently. He underwent chemotherapy and immunotherapy for many months and suffered a lot of side effects from these treatments. However, there was little the doctors could do to alleviate the side effects.
This all changed after his good friend Alvin recommended him to Asxence super food as a supplement. Within a few weeks of consumption, most of his side effects (insomnia, stomachache, memory loss, hair loss, uncontrolled salivation, heart discomfort, mouth, throat and tongue ulcers) were gone.
He has since become more energetic and his latest review with the doctor went well whereby the doctor told him that his cancer is under better control compared to a few months back and therefore, his life span would be extended.
He is very happy and has decided to share his good experience with Asxence against cancer treatment side effects. He hopes to help more people who have similar illness and would like to share a piece of advice: healthy people should maintain their health by supplementing with Asxence.

一名62 的男子Adrian,多年前患上一種叫做唾液腺癌的罕見癌症。虽然治癒了,但去年診斷出患有第四4 期肺癌,(攻击性類型),因此必须接受化療和免疫治療。這些治療有很多副作用,但是他和醫生都無能為力。
直到他的好朋友 Alvin 向他推薦昂晟Asxence 超級食品來调整身体状况。吃了昂晟幾週後,大部分副作用(失眠,胃痛,失忆,掉头发,流涎,心臟不適,口腔,喉嚨和舌頭潰瘍)都消失了。
他非常高興,决定分享他對昂晟Asxence 与治療癌症的良好經驗。希望可以幫助更多有類似疾病的人。他也建議健康的人服用 Asxence 保持健康。

Male, 65

A 65 year old man was experiencing severe hair loss (70%) due to existing skin issues. His condition was deteriorating and there was little he could do about it.

After taking Asxence for 5 weeks, he observed hair growth and estimated a 30% improvement compared to the start. This made him very optimistic and happy.

After 5 months of Asxence at a dose of 4 capsules (2×2) a day, his condition continued to improve and he has now seen a 90% recovery from his initial hair loss. He is very excited about his improvements and wishes to share his successful experience from taking Asxence.

一位65岁中年男人因为皮膚問題導致幾乎70% 脫髮。而且状况越來越嚴重,可是他無能為力。

服用 Asxence 5 週後,他的頭髮开始有好转并且恢復了30%,使他感到非常高興。


Male, 55

A 55 year old man noticed that certain bald spots on his forehead started to grow hair after taking Asxence Astaxanthin for slightly more than 4 months.

一位中年男子55岁,吃了四个多月的昂晟后, 发现前额头的脱发开始慢慢长出新的细的头发。

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