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Testimonial – Constipation and Lethargy (个人体验 – 便秘,缺乏精神)

A lady had chronic constipation and also feels lethargic easily. Further, she has a lot of freckles and pigmentation on her face.
Through her friend’s recommendation to Asxence to improve her above conditions, she observed the below:
1. After 1-2 weeks of consumption, her constipation issue started to improve, and now she does not suffer from constipation.
2. After a few weeks of consumption, her lethargic symptoms became better. Now, despite working long hours, she’s able to focus at work.
3. After using Asxence sunscreen, her freckles and age spots have lightened a lot.
She is very happy and is here to share her good experience with Asxence.

1. 服用昂晟 1-2週後,便秘問題開始好轉,現在不再有便秘问题。
2. 服用昂晟幾週後,她的精神变得很好。即使需要長時間和连续幾天工作,她仍然可以保持精力充沛,能夠專注於繁瑣的工作。
3. 此外,她配合昂晟防晒霜,使她脸上的雀斑淡化了许多。

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