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Testimonial – Speedy recovery after surgery (个人体验 – 手术恢复速度)

A lady went for a facelift and removed part of her eyelid due to droopy eyelids which caused her to lose 30% peripheral vision. She also had fat injection under her eyes and along her laugh lines.
Due to surgery in multiple sites, her doctor estimated that the swelling and bruises will only subside in 5-6 weeks and look natural in 4-5 months.
She took Asxence a few months prior to the surgery and continued taking after the surgery. This resulted in the following observations:
1. Her inflammation (swellings) after the surgery was quite minimum and subsided within a few days.
2. The pain after the surgery was very minimal.
3. Bruises disappeared in less than 3 weeks.
4. Her face looked natural and fine within 3 weeks.
Her doctor was amazed by her recovery as he has not seen such fast recovery for the past surgeries.
So, she is here to share her good experience with Asxence in hopes that other people can also supplement with Asxence before and after any surgeries.
一位女士去做了面部拉皮手术。由于眼片下垂而切除了部分眼皮(上眼皮的下垂导致 30% 的周边视力丧失)。此外,她还在眼睛下方和笑纹处注射了脂肪 。
这是一个多处且相当复杂的手术,而医生预计这些炎症、肿胀和瘀伤将在 5-6 周内消退,并在 4-5 个月内才能恢复自然。
她在手术前几个月已经开始服用昂晟(Asxence )并在手术后继续服用。之后,她发现以下见证:
1. 手术后她的炎症(肿胀)非常少。而且炎症在几天内迅速消退。
2. 手术后疼痛很少。感觉很轻松和良好。
3. 瘀伤在不到 3 周的时间内消失。
4. 她的脸在 3 周内看起来非常自然与恢复得很好。
所以,她特别在这里分享她与昂晟(Asxence )的良好经验,希望其他人也可以在任何手术前后使用昂晟(Asxence )来加快其复原。

个人体验 – 白内障手术 (Testimonial – Cataract Operation)

Before Peter went for his cataract operation, Alvin introduced him to Asxence super food to prepare him for the cataract surgery. Peter supplemented at higher dosage of 6 (2×3) capsules daily prior to his operation.
He was very happy that the operation went well and was even more satisfied because his eyes recovered speedily.
In a few days after his operation, he could read well, did not feel any bad pain, had almost no inflammation and was making good recovery.
After only one review, his doctor told him everything was fine and that he just have to go for his review after 6 weeks.
Peter was very happy with the benefits he received from Asxence as he was initially worried about the cataract operation. He is here to share his experience in order to help those people with similar issues.

在Peter接受白内障手术之前,Alvin介绍他服用昂晟(Asxence)超级食品,为他在白内障手术前做好调理。Peter服用较高的剂量 – 每天6(2×3)粒胶囊。
经过一次检查后,医生告诉他一切都很好,只需要在6 周内回来复诊。
Peter 对他从昂晟(Asxence )所得到的益处的非常满意。他最初还相当担心做白内障手术。所以他特别在这里分享,主要是为了帮助那些有类似问题的人。

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