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Testimonial – Glaucoma (个人体验 – 青光眼)

Profesor Eddy has very serious glaucoma caused by his use of long term strong medicine. To make things worse, one of the medication caused very serious eye inflammation where his eyes were full of blood streaks.
Although he frequently used eye drops, it did not help. He felt really uncomfortable and his vision deteriorated. He felt helpless because many specialists were not able to help in his condition.
He decided to try Asxence after Alvin’s recommended to solve his problems. To his surprise, in 2.5 months, he noticed the changes below:
  1. Majority of his eye inflammation had subsided
  2. His vision improved and his eyes feel comfortable
  3. His skin texture became smoother and more radiant
  4. He feels more energetic
He is specially here to share in hopes that his good experiences with Asxence can reach more people and help them to relieve some of their health issues.
艾迪教授因长期服用强效药物而得了非常严重的青光眼。 更糟糕的是,其中一种药物引起了非常严重的眼睛炎症,并且眼睛充满了血丝。
  1. 他眼睛的炎症大部分消退了
  2. 他的眼睛视力得到改善并且感觉舒适与良好
  3. 他皮肤纹理变好很多,也看到光泽
  4. 他感觉更有活力
因此,他特地来这里分享,希望他对昂晟(Asxence )的良好经验可以惠及更多人,并帮助他们缓解一些健康问题。

Testimonial – Glaucoma (个人体验 – 青光眼)

A professor was on long term steroid due to some health issues.
However, he developed serious glaucoma, a side effect of using steroids. His eyesight gradually deteriorated to a point where he had to use antibiotic eye drops everyday to control the infection. His eyes were also bloodshot.
He tried to consult the doctor to improve his situation but could not find any solutions. This caused him to feel very dejected and worried.
Through a friend’s recommendation, he tried Asxence at a daily dose of 4-6 capsules and after three months, his eyes were no longer bloodshot. The infection of his eyes was under better control and his eyes felt much better.
He was impressed by Asxence’s healing properties and is here to share his experience in order for people who face similar issues to consider supplementing with Asxence to improve their condition.
通过有人推荐昂晟(Asxence )超级食物来帮助解决他的眼睛问题,他每天服用4-6粒胶囊。过了3个月,大部分血丝都消失了(炎症已经受到很好的控制)眼睛也感觉比以前舒服多了。

Testimonial – Vision Recovery (个人体验 – 视觉回复)

A lady had injuries on her right eye for more than 10 years due to eye infections. Despite doctor’s medications and treatments, her vision has deteriorated 90% and she can’t see from her left eye at all. Her doctors told her there is nothing much they can do.
A friend recommended her to Asxence and she supplemented 6 capsules (2 capsules, 3 times) daily.
1. After one month, she started seeing colour although her vision was still very blurry.
2. After 3 months, she started being able to see herself in the mirror although the quality of her vision was only 30-40% of her original vision.
She was very encouraged by the results and continued supplementing.
3. In 9 months, she can see things without much problems and noted that she has recovered 70-80% of her vision.
Additionally, she also feels more energetic and healthy.
She was very happy with the miraculous results and is here to share her amazing journey with Asxence.

通过朋友推荐昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来尝试改善她的视力恢复的可能性,她每天 服用6颗(2颗,3次)胶囊。
1. 服用一个月后,她开始看得到彩色图像,尽管仍然很模糊。
2. 服用3个月后,她可以开始在镜子中看到自己,虽然只是原本视觉的30-40%。
她对自己取得的进展感到非常鼓舞,并继续服用 昂晟(Asxence)。
3. 9个月后,她的眼睛恢复了70-80%的视觉。
她对奇迹般的结果感到非常高兴,并在这里分享她和昂晟(Asxence )的奇妙体验。

Testimonial – Cataract (个人体验 – 白内障)

Thomas is 60 years old and had mild cataract for around 6 years. He took Asxence to improve his general health. After 6 months of consumption, he went for an eye checkup last year and was very surprised when he discovered that he no longer had cataract. He continued supplementing with Asxence and went for his annual eye checkup this year. His specialist once again confirmed that he does not have cataract. He is very happy with the special additional benefit he got from Asxence and is here to share his good experience.

托马斯今年60岁,患有轻度白内障已有6年左右。他服用昂晟超级食品(Asxence)来增强其健康。去年服用6个月后,他去做身体检查。他感到很惊讶因为眼科专家告诉他,他不再有白内障了。他继续服用昂晟(Asxence)。今年他再次进行年度身体检查,眼科专家还是确认他没有白内障。他对从昂晟(Asxence )获得的特殊额外好处感到非常高兴,并在这里分享他的良好经验。

Thomas, 57

Thomas, aged 57, has mild cataract for 7 years and goes for a review every year.
After taking Asxence for three months at a daily dose of 2×2 capsules a day, he went for his eye checkup at his specialist who told him his cataract has completely recovered.
He was very happy and decide to share his good experiences in order to help more people.

KB, Late 70’s

KB, who is in his late 70s saw great improvements in his eczema three months after he started taking Asxence. His eyes are also less dry and tired. As he rests better, he feels more energetic and so he can focus better and perform more efficiently at work.
He feels that Asxence works well and is more affordable compared to other medicine or supplements. As such, he highly recommends Asxence.
KB 是一位70多岁的男子。開始服用 Asxence 三個月左右, 他的濕疹改善了很多。他的眼睛也有好转,不再像以前一样乾澀和疲勞。因为现在有更好的休息,他也因此有较好的精力,所以他可以更好、更高效地专注于他的工作。
他认为Asxence 的效果很好,价格也合理,比其他的药物和保健品便宜很多。所以他强力推荐Asxence 。


Retinal detachment, eye floaters and tinnitus.

This lady went for eye lasers to treat her retinal detachment issue. However, after the lasers, she still could not see very clearly for months even though she was also taking numerous berries-extract supplements.

After her friend’s recommendation, she started consuming Asxence at a 3×2 daily dose. After two months, she could see much clearer and noticed less floaters in her eyes. Her vision has also improved greatly and her chronic throat inflammation has reduced by at least 80% while her tinnitus has reduced by at least 70%.

Therefore, she would like to share her experience to help people with similar conditions.


在朋友推薦昂晟(Asxence) 下,她 每天服用昂晟(Axsence )3×2 颗。兩個月後,可以看到更得清晰,而且眼睛也更少飞蚊症。此外,她的眼睛視力得到很大改善。她的慢性喉嚨炎症也減少了至少80%,耳鳴減少了至少70%。


Male, 37

A 37 year old man felt his eyesight deteriorating after spending long hours playing mobile phone games where his vision would start to become blurry. Further, after extended hours at work, he was always tired and could not stay focused. His complexion looked dull and pale and he suffered from bad dark eye circles.

However, after taking Axsence Astaxanthin for 1.5 months, not only did his vision improved, his dark eye circles diminished by 80% and he also feels more alert and focused at work.



Female, 70

A lady, around the age of 70, has been taking Asxence for almost two months. She experienced improvements in:
1. Her age-related pigmentation (dark spots) has reduced by 80%.
2. Her eyes are clearer and she can see things with better clarity.
3. She regained a lot of energy and can now walk much faster and longer without panting.
She’s really happy and has decided to share her experience so more people can benefit from it.

一位 70 歲左右的女士,服用 昂晟Asxence 近兩個月後,有以下好的體驗:
1. 她的年齡色素沉著(黑斑)減少了近 80%。
2. 她的眼睛更清晰,看得更清楚。
3. 她恢復了很多精力,現在活动时可以更穩定、更快、更長時間也不會氣喘吁籲。 真的很開心,因此決定分享,讓更多人受益。

Female, 70

A 70-year-old woman experienced dry and itchy eyes. She consulted a ophthalmologist, hoping that her condition could improve. However, even after taking the prescribed medications and eye drops, her condition persisted.

After her friend introduced Asxence Astaxanthin, her dry and itchy eyes improved tremendously after taking it for 3 days.



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