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Testimonial – Glaucoma (个人体验 – 青光眼)

Profesor Eddy has very serious glaucoma caused by his use of long term strong medicine. To make things worse, one of the medication caused very serious eye inflammation where his eyes were full of blood streaks.
Although he frequently used eye drops, it did not help. He felt really uncomfortable and his vision deteriorated. He felt helpless because many specialists were not able to help in his condition.
He decided to try Asxence after Alvin’s recommended to solve his problems. To his surprise, in 2.5 months, he noticed the changes below:
  1. Majority of his eye inflammation had subsided
  2. His vision improved and his eyes feel comfortable
  3. His skin texture became smoother and more radiant
  4. He feels more energetic
He is specially here to share in hopes that his good experiences with Asxence can reach more people and help them to relieve some of their health issues.
艾迪教授因长期服用强效药物而得了非常严重的青光眼。 更糟糕的是,其中一种药物引起了非常严重的眼睛炎症,并且眼睛充满了血丝。
  1. 他眼睛的炎症大部分消退了
  2. 他的眼睛视力得到改善并且感觉舒适与良好
  3. 他皮肤纹理变好很多,也看到光泽
  4. 他感觉更有活力
因此,他特地来这里分享,希望他对昂晟(Asxence )的良好经验可以惠及更多人,并帮助他们缓解一些健康问题。
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