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Testimonial: Chronic gout, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory arthritis (个人体验 – 慢性痛风和类风湿性关节炎,以及多发性关节炎)

Mark has suffered from gout for more than 20 years. Additionally, he is also diagnosed with chronic rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory arthritis. He has tried many ways to relief these issues but the results were minimal.
Through his Friend’s recommendation to Asxence super food to improve the above problems, he supplemented with Asxence and experienced the following benefits after two month of consumption:
1. His long term gout has subsided and did not reoccur for the past few months.
2. His Tophi due to gout has softened a lot and the pain was greatly reduced which enables him to wear covered shoes now.
3. His rheumatoid arthritis and sclerosis arthritis have improved significantly and did not reoccur while he was supplementing with Asxence.
4. His mild eczema recovered.
He believes more health benefits have yet to come and he is sharing his experience to reach out to more people with similar conditions so they can benefit from Asxence too.

1. 长期痛风消失了而近几个月不再发作。
2. 他因痛风而引起的痛风石已经软化很多,疼痛也大大减轻。现在又可以穿包鞋了。
3. 在服用昂晟(Asxence)期间,他的风湿、硬化性关节​​炎得到了很大的改善,并且不再复发。
4. 他的轻度湿疹已经痊愈了。

Testimonial – Chronic Eczema (个人体验 – 长期湿疹)

A man has long term chronic skin condition (a type of Dermatitis) for more than 20 years and he was unable to find any solution.
The worse thing is that he would often scratch till his skin breaks and bleeds due to the itchiness.
Through his friend recommendation to Asxence super food to improve in his conditions, he witnessed the following:
1. In 2 months, his wounds healed faster and the itchiness reduced.
2. His skin texture looks much better – it is not as dull and as dark as before.
3. In 6 months, most of the affected areas have healed and no new infected area surfaced.
4. He also feel more energetic, and less lethargic after taking the Asxence .
He was really happy and is here to share his experience in hopes that people with similar problems will benefit from Asxence too.

一名男子患有长期慢性皮肤病(一种皮炎)超过 20 年。即便寻找肚种方法改善病情,都无效果。
3. 6个月后,大部分感染患处已痊愈,没有新的感染处。
4. 服用昂晟(Asxence )后,他还感觉精力更加充沛,不再容易觉得疲惫。
他真的很高兴,所以在这里分享,希望有类似问题的人也能从昂晟(Asxence )中受益。

Testimonial – Eczema (个人体验 – 湿疹)

A middle age man has serious eczema after covid vaccination and tried many ways to resolve his issue to no avail. Over time, his condition deteriorated.
One day, he was recommended to Asxence super food to help alleviate his condition.
1. After 3 weeks of taking a higher dosage of 6 (3×2) capsules daily, he saw big improvements and the itchiness drastically reduced.
2. In 5 weeks, his eczema has almost completely healed.
3. Further, he feels more energetic and fresh throughout the day.
He was very happy and is here to share his experience in hopes to help people suffering from the same issue so they can benefit from Asxence too.

他感到绝望,直到有人向他推荐昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来帮助改善他的状况。
1. 他服用较高剂量 – 6(3×2 )颗胶囊。3周后,显示出很大的改善,而且那些感染的部位不再那么痒了。
2. 在第5周,他的湿疹几乎完全痊愈,身体其他部位也大部分恢复。
3. 他同时也感觉更有活力和精神充沛。
他很高兴,并且在这里分享他对昂晟的经验,希望能帮到有类似问题的人,让他们也可以从昂晟(Asxence )中受益。

Testimonial – Chronic eczema (个人体验 – 湿疹)

A young man had chronic eczema for many years and tried many ways to cure it. The eczema has spread to most of his body and is especially bad at his limbs. The itch was unbearable which caused him to scratch till he had open wounds.
A friend recommended him to Asxence super food to relieve his eczema issues and he started to take 4-6 capsules daily from March 2023.
By end April 2023, he saw some improvement and the itch was much lesser. His open wounds also healed much faster than before.
He continued supplementing till July 2023 where he saw his eczema improve by at least 80%. Most of the affected areas have started to heal and less new eczema areas appeared.
He is very happy and is here to share his good experience with Asxence in order to help prove to people with skin issues that they should try Asxence too.

直到有人推荐他使用昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来缓解他的湿疹问题。他从2023的3月中开始每天服用4-6粒胶囊。到了2023的4月底,他已经看到了一些改善,而且瘙痒少了很多。那些开放性的伤口也比以前愈合得快了很多。

Testimonial – Eczema triggered from vaccinations (个人体验 – 疫苗后遗症 (湿疹))

After receiving vaccinations, an elderly man experienced very serious eczema and multiple health issues which caused him to be admitted into the hospital. However, the doctors could not cure him and only prescribed medicine to help him with his sleep. Unfortunately, he still felt weak and uncomfortable.
His son was recommended to Asxence and decided to let his dad try Asxence since Asxence is a super food which has helped many cure their skin related diseases.
The elderly man ate a higher dosage of 4-6 capsules a day and within 2 weeks, his condition started to improve. In less than 2 months, his eczema recovered and his health also improved. Moreover, he gained weight and feels more energetic and can carry out his daily activities normally.
He is very happy and hopes his testimony can reach out to more people so they can try out Asxence to improve their health too.

他的儿子被介绍昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来帮助他爸爸改善病情,尤其是针对严重的湿疹。因为昂晟(Asxence )在皮肤有相关疾病方面取得了很多成功。(它能修复,使细胞年轻化与再生)。
随着每天 4-6 粒胶囊的高剂量,他的病情从第 2 周后开始好转,在不到 2 个月的时间里,他的严重湿疹康复了。他的其他健康状况也有所改善,例如心血管问题等。

Testimonial – Eczema (个人体验 – 湿疹)

A young girl had very serious eczema flare ups after her Covid infection. The flare ups occurred on her hands, legs and body and her face was very dry, red, super itchy and at times even flaky. She sought many treatments but did not see much improvement in her condition.
Her mother asked her to try Asxence after being recommended to it by a friend. She tried it and although her eczema continued to flare and subside during the first two months, each flare up was less severe and less often.
In less than 3 months, her eczema has almost recovered, and right now her condition is stable.
She was very happy with Asxence and would like to share her experience in hopes to help more people with similar problems

直到有人建議她的母親让她使用昂晟(Asxence )超级食品來緩解她的症狀。她服用后,在幾週內她的病情有很大的改善。
虽然濕疹在前2 個月內會發作和消退。但每次病情都會變得不那麼嚴重,而且頻率也在下降。在不到 3 個月的時間裡,她的濕疹幾乎痊癒了,現在她的生活恢復了正常。

Testimonial – Eczema (个人体验 – 湿疹)

A lady had chronic eczema for over 30 years of which she tried to treat with minimal results. Her quality of life was greatly affected by the constant itch and her condition deteriorated over the years.

She was quite helpless until her friend recommended her to Asxence super food to improve her eczema issues. After consuming Asxence for less than a month, her condition improved substantially with less flare ups and the itchiness also subsided greatly.

She is happy with the effects of Asxence and decided to share her experience to help more people with similar problems.


她非常无助,直到她的朋友推荐昂晟(Asxence ) 超级食品耒改善她的湿疹问题。令她惊讶的是,吃了昂晟不到一个月,她的湿疹大幅度改善,让她可以重新享受一些没有痒的日子。




A lady suffered from allergies and eczema issues for many years. When triggered, she required many weeks to recover and the worst thing is that antibiotics and steroid creams had to be used for recovery. Further, the flare ups occurred more often the older she gets.
She sought many ways to solve her issues to no avail. This changed after her friend recommended her to supplement with Asxence for her skin issues.
After consuming Asxence, her allergies and eczema issues showed signs of recovery within 2 weeks. The newly affected areas subsided and the existing affected areas started to recover.
She is very happy with Asxence and is therefore sharing her experience so more people can benefit from it.
她寻求了许多方法想解决问题,但都看不到改善。直到她的朋友推荐昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来改善上述长期问题。
服用后,她很惊讶因为她的过敏/湿疹问题在 2 周内得到了恢复。而且受影响的部位已经消退,并且以上旧问题的复发也大大减少了。
她对昂晟(Asxence )的效果感到非常满意,因此特别在这里分享,以便更多的人可以从中受益。


A teenager has eczema for years and tried many types of medicines and creams with no signs of improvement. Some areas even started to deteriorate and spread.

His mom bought Asxence super food for him and within 2.5 months of consumption, his eczema had improved by 90%. She is really happy and wishes to share her son’s good experience with Axsence in hopes of helping more people with similar issues.


他的媽媽購買昂晟Asxence 超級食品給她兒子,希望治癒他的濕疹。2.5 個月後,他兒子的濕疹幾乎恢復了 90%。她很高興,希望分享她的兒子與昂晟Axsence 的良好經驗。希望能够帮到更多人。


A young man with chronic skin issue (eczema), sought treatments from doctors and skin specialists. He was prescribed antibiotics, steroids and antibiotics cream to manage his condition. After a year, his condition seemed to worsen but there was nothing he could do.

His friend recommended him to supplement with Asxence superfood alongside the doctor’s treatments. Slowly but surely, he witnessed gradual improvements in the affected area between September 2021 and June 2022. The affected area has healed and he no longer experience liquid secretions from this area.

Although it took about 10 months for his condition to be under control, he saw progressive improvements along the way. He has decided to share his experience in hopes that it will help people with serious chronic skin problems.

一位有一些慢性皮肤问题(湿疹)的年轻人,已经寻求医生和皮肤专家的治疗,服用抗生素并使用类固醇和抗生素霜。一年多后仍然没有得到明显的结果,而且情况似乎在恶化。 医生有点束手无策,说没什么可以做的。

通过朋友推荐服用 昂晟(Asxence )超级食品配合医生治疗一起同步进行,他们慢慢看到进展。从 2021 年 9 月到 2022 年 6 月,患处终于得到控制和愈合,皮肤不再有液体分泌。他心里有说不出的喜悦。

虽然需要大约 10 个月的时间,但在此过程中看到了良好且渐进的改善。所以他决定分享并希望帮助更多患有严重慢性皮肤问题的人。

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