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Testimonial – Menstrual cramps and Skin complexion (个人体验 – 痛经和皮肤状态)

A young lady Evelyn has very bad menstrual cramps that cause her to not be able to walk and required rest on bed for several days. She sought many ways to relief the symptoms to no avail.
One day, her friend recommended her Asxence superfood for overall health improvement and she experienced the following:

  1. After one month of supplementing, her menstruation cramps were alleviated.
  2. Her skin texture and complexion is much better than before.
  3. Her skin is less tan and she became fairer.
  4. Compared to the past, she experienced less damage from suntanning, and experienced faster recovery even after prolonged outdoor exercise.
  5. She also noticed less acne appearing on face.
  6. She feels more fresh and energetic even after long working hours.

She is very happy with Asxence and is here to share her experience. She hopes to help females with menstruation issues and people who wish to improve their skin complexion.


  1. 服用昂晟一个月后,她严重的经痛基本解决了。
  2. 她的皮肤质感和气色也比以前好多了。
  3. 她的皮肤不像以前那么黑与暗淡,现在整体看起来更白了。
  4. 与过去相比,即使长期户外运动,她较少被晒黑与晒伤。即使晒伤,恢复也更快。
  5. 她脸上出现痘痘或粉刺的次数减少了很多。
  6. 她感觉更加清新。即使需要长时间工作,也精力充沛。


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