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Male, 85

An 85 year old man had colon cancer 20 years ago. However, last year in January 2021, it relapsed and the cancer had spread to other organs. He underwent surgery to remove part of his colon but due to complications, other organs could not be operated on. His specialist gave him chemo medicine and told him he had less than 5 months of lifespan.
With the introduction of Asxence by his friend, he supplemented with Asxence alongside his prescribed medication at a daily intake of 9 (3×3) capsules. Till date, he has surpassed the 5 months timeline told to him and although he’s still on medication, he enjoys a good quality of life.
He is happy about his good experience with Asxence and wants to share it in order to help someone in a similar situation.
一位85岁的老人,去年1月结肠癌复发(第一次发作是20年前) ,癌细胞已经扩散到其他器官。专科医生为他切除了一些结肠癌,但其他器官无法切除因为担心有可能的并发症。之后,专科医生给 他化疗药,并告诉他他只剩下不到5个月的寿命。
通过朋友的建议,他将昂晟(Asxence )超级食品与医生药物 一起服用。每天吃9(3×3)颗胶囊。
目前,他已经超过医生说的5个月寿命。尽管他仍在接受医生治疗,但仍然感觉良好,并具有生活质量。他很高兴,并希望分享他在昂晟(Asxence )方面的良好经验,以帮助可能处于他这种情况的人。
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