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Testimonial: Chronic gout, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory arthritis (个人体验 – 慢性痛风和类风湿性关节炎,以及多发性关节炎)

Mark has suffered from gout for more than 20 years. Additionally, he is also diagnosed with chronic rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory arthritis. He has tried many ways to relief these issues but the results were minimal.
Through his Friend’s recommendation to Asxence super food to improve the above problems, he supplemented with Asxence and experienced the following benefits after two month of consumption:
1. His long term gout has subsided and did not reoccur for the past few months.
2. His Tophi due to gout has softened a lot and the pain was greatly reduced which enables him to wear covered shoes now.
3. His rheumatoid arthritis and sclerosis arthritis have improved significantly and did not reoccur while he was supplementing with Asxence.
4. His mild eczema recovered.
He believes more health benefits have yet to come and he is sharing his experience to reach out to more people with similar conditions so they can benefit from Asxence too.

1. 长期痛风消失了而近几个月不再发作。
2. 他因痛风而引起的痛风石已经软化很多,疼痛也大大减轻。现在又可以穿包鞋了。
3. 在服用昂晟(Asxence)期间,他的风湿、硬化性关节​​炎得到了很大的改善,并且不再复发。
4. 他的轻度湿疹已经痊愈了。

Testimonial – Chronic headache and Gastric Issues (个人体验 – 慢性头痛和胃病)

Derrick, a repeat customer, stocked up on a large quantity of Asxence after his wife’s good experience with Asxence. His wife suffers from chronic headaches and serious gastric problems.
However, after taking Asxence for about 6 weeks, her chronic headaches improved drastically. Although she occasionally still has headaches, she can at least carry out her daily routines without interruptions.
Also, her serious chronic gastric issues have completely resolved. Derrick was very happy as his wife had been plagued by gastric issues for years. He further shared that his uncle benefited from Asxence when his diabetic open wound healed.
As such, he is here to share about Asxence to help people with similar problems.


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