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Testimonial – Oesophageal cancer (个人体验 – 食道癌)

Miss Yeh father in law was diagnosed with last stage oesophageal cancer. Due to his age at 97, the family decided not to let him undergo any treatment. Instead, they adopted a natural way of “food supportive therapy.“

Their friend recommended Asxence super food to improve his father in law condition and initially, she was very doubtful about it because their doctors always told them not to give him any other thing besides his three meals.

However, they decided to let him try Asxence and was amazed by the benefits that they observed below:

  1. His life extended by at least 8 more months than the doctor’s prediction of one month after the diagnosis.
  2. He can eat and swallow without any difficulties although the doctors told them he will have problems swallowing or eating. His appetite is good too.
  3. He does not have pain in general for the last 8 months although the doctors told them that he will be in severe pain and will suffer.
  4. His mind was always clear and conscious and he was reading newspaper till the day he passed on despite the doctors telling them that he will always be sleeping.
  5. He lived a normal life style without the symptoms of cancer or illnesses.
  6. His prostrate enlargement issues improved after taking Asxence super food.

She was very happy with the benefits of Asxence towards her whole family and is here to share to people with similar problems or for those who wish to improve their health and lifespan.


  1. 岳父生命至少延长8个月(医生说诊断后只剩下1个月的寿命)
  2. 尽管医生告诉他们岳父会出现吞咽或进食问题,实际上他可以毫无困难地进食和吞咽,而且也有很好的食欲。
  3. 在过去的 8 个月里,他总体上没有疼痛,尽管医生告诉他们,他会感到剧烈疼痛,也会很痛苦。
  4. 直到他去世的那天,他的头脑总是清醒,有意识,还在看报纸。医生当时告诉他们,他将时常处于睡眠阶段。
  5. 他过着正常的生活方式,没有癌症或疾病的症状
  6. 服用昂晟(Asxence)超级食物后,他的前列腺肥大问题也得到很好的改善。

她全家人都受到昂晟(Asxence )的好处而感到非常高兴,并特别在这里与有类似问题的人或希望改善健康和寿命的人分享。

Testimonial – Cancer (个人体验 – 癌症)

Ming Joe’s father had last stage of multiple cancer (relapse case) and through a friend’s recommendation, he got his father to supplement with Asxence super food while undergoing chemotherapy.
He noticed the below:
1. His father’s lifespan was extended from 4-5 months (specialist’s estimation) to close to 3 years.
2. His father did not suffer much pain or side effects from chemotherapy.
3. His father maintained his quality of life and his family almost forgot he was undergoing chemotherapy.
4. His father’s condition largely differed from other patients undergoing chemotherapy in the hospital.
5. New black hair even started growing after a few months of taking Asxence when he was undergoing chemotherapy.
He is therefore a true believer of Asxence and encourages other people who has similar issues to try out Asxence for a good quality of life.

明杰的父親身患晚期多發性癌症(復發)。通過朋友推薦,他让父亲服用昂晟Asxence 超级食品幫助父親度過化療。
1. 他父親的壽命從4-5個月(專家說)延長到3年左右。
2. 他的父親几乎沒有遭受過化療帶來的疼痛或副作用。
4. 他的神色比其他在医院接受化療的患者相比有极大的不同。
5. 在使用昂晟几个月后,他在化療期間甚至長出了新的黑髮。
这使明杰成为昂晟(Asxence )的受益者,并且深信昂晟的效果。他鼓勵其他有類似問題的人嘗試 昂晟Asxence 以提高生活質量。


Adrian has contracted a type of rare cancer years ago but after treatment, he went into remission. Two years ago, he was once again diagnosed with another type of cancer, this time at stage 4.
Through a friend’s recommendation, he supplemented with Asxence super food along his cancer treatments which has already helped him to extend his life by 6 months. Moreover, the side effects from the treatments has drastically reduced by at least 80% and he now lives with less pain, more energy and a better quality of life.
He strongly suggests people who wishes to be more healthy as well as people who are cancer survivors undergoing chemotherapy or other cancer treatments, to supplement with Asxence to have a healthier life.
Adrian 在多年前曾患上一种罕见的癌症。经过治疗后“痊愈”。两年前,又被诊断出患有另一种癌症,这次癌症已经在第4期。
经朋友介绍使用超级食品昂晟(Asxence )来搭配化疗,昂晟已经帮助他延长了至少 6 个月的生命。不仅如此,那些冶疗的副作用至少减少了 80%,减轻了疼痛,给他能量,并且有质量的生活。

Janet’s mother

Janet’s mother (senior citizen) had last stage cancer and was suffering from pain, side effects from treatments and multiple complications. She felt really uncomfortable and decided to take Asxence super food to reduce her pains and side effects after a friend’s recommendation.
She took 6-9 capsules a day which helped her to live with reduced pain and side effects. Further, her mother’s life expectancy was extended by another 12 months beyond doctor’s prediction.
She was very relieved that her mother got to live longer with less pain and decided to share her food experience with Asxence.
Janet 的母亲(高龄)患有末期癌症,饱受疼痛。因治疗的副作用和多种并发症的折磨,感到很不舒服。通过朋友推荐的昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来减轻她的痛苦,Janet让她的母亲服用昂晟减少这些副作用。
Janet的母亲每日服用6-9 粒胶囊。因而疼痛减轻了许多,也减少大部分副作用。而且,令她惊喜的是,昂晟也延长了她母亲的寿命 – 比医生测算的更长12 个月。

Male, 85

An 85 year old man had colon cancer 20 years ago. However, last year in January 2021, it relapsed and the cancer had spread to other organs. He underwent surgery to remove part of his colon but due to complications, other organs could not be operated on. His specialist gave him chemo medicine and told him he had less than 5 months of lifespan.
With the introduction of Asxence by his friend, he supplemented with Asxence alongside his prescribed medication at a daily intake of 9 (3×3) capsules. Till date, he has surpassed the 5 months timeline told to him and although he’s still on medication, he enjoys a good quality of life.
He is happy about his good experience with Asxence and wants to share it in order to help someone in a similar situation.
一位85岁的老人,去年1月结肠癌复发(第一次发作是20年前) ,癌细胞已经扩散到其他器官。专科医生为他切除了一些结肠癌,但其他器官无法切除因为担心有可能的并发症。之后,专科医生给 他化疗药,并告诉他他只剩下不到5个月的寿命。
通过朋友的建议,他将昂晟(Asxence )超级食品与医生药物 一起服用。每天吃9(3×3)颗胶囊。
目前,他已经超过医生说的5个月寿命。尽管他仍在接受医生治疗,但仍然感觉良好,并具有生活质量。他很高兴,并希望分享他在昂晟(Asxence )方面的良好经验,以帮助可能处于他这种情况的人。

Joyce’s brother

Joyce’s brother has stage four nose cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy weekly. He also has regular injection of pain killer and morphine to manage the pain.
After supplementing with Asxence alongside the chemotherapy, the following observations were made:
1. He did not have side effects of chemotherapy such as mouth or throat ulcers, body pain or darkening of skin.
2. He gained almost 10% of his body weight during the chemotherapy treatments while weight loss was normally observed for chemotherapy patients.
3. He managed to undergo ‘intensive chemotherapy’ with the help of Asxence as Asxence helps to maintain regular haematology functions and readings (the white blood cells, red blood cells, haemoglobin, haematocrit, red blood palettes count). This allowed him to continue the prescribed dose of chemotherapy to ensure the fullest effectiveness is achieved.
4. The tumor had shrunk to the size that his doctor wished to achieve after the chemotherapy cycle which was confirmed after a CT scan.
5. His oncologist was very happy with the results and her brother was able to temporarily stop chemotherapy for months under their close observation.
6. Her brother is living a ‘Normal’ and quality life without being too affected by his cancer.
So, she decided to share his good experience in hopes that it will help people with similar illness.
他服用昂晟, 每天9粒(Asxence),配合化疗 6 周后,发现:
1. 他完全没有副作用,没有口腔或喉咙溃疡,身体疼痛或皮肤没有变黑。
2. 在化疗期间,他的体重甚至增加了近 10%。通常接受化疗的人都会发现体重下降。
3. 他顺利进行‘高密度化疗’因为昂晟有助于稳定/维持血液 (如白细胞、红细胞、血红蛋白、血细胞比容、红血调色板计数)。
4. 肿瘤在化疗周期后通过CT扫描,它已缩小到医生的目标。
5. 肿瘤医生对结果非常满意,在他们的紧密观察下,他能够暂时停止化疗数个月。
6. 她的弟弟过着‘正常’的生活,生活质量没有受到癌症的太大影响。


An elderly lady had to cut off 4 of her toes due to skin cancer in Sep 2021.
A few months after the operation, her foot was still in quite a bad condition (picture 13 Nov 2021). She mentioned that it was very painful and sore and it was constantly swollen and sometimes she experienced numbness which prevented her from walking.
Doctors told her it might take a few years to recover and she was helpless until someone recommended her Asxence super food. She supplemented with the doctors treatment at a higher dosage of 6 (3×2) capsules a day.
Within four months, (picture on 16 Feb 2022), the pain is basically gone and the swelling visibly subsided. The soreness and numbness has reduced significantly due to better blood circulation (Asxence improves blood circulation and suppresses inflammation) which allowed her to start walking very short distances.
In eight months’ time, (picture 18 Jun 2022), there were no more pain, swelling and soreness. The skin texture started to show signs of improvement (no darkening or black patches) and she could start walking again.
She has decided to share her experiences in hopes that it would benefit someone with similar conditions.
2021 年 9 月左右,一位年长的女士因皮肤癌切除了 4 个脚趾。
医生告诉她可能需要几年时间才能恢复。她因此感到很无奈。直到有人建议她每天服用更高剂量的 6 (3×2 )粒昂晟(Asxence )超级食品并配合医生的治疗。

Azman, middle age

Azman, a middle aged man, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and currently undergoes chemotherapy.
Through a friend’s recommendation, he supplemented with Asxence at a dosage of 12 (3×4) capsules daily. As a result, he gained multiple benefits after his 18 weeks of chemotherapy such as:
  1. Regained energy
  2. Gradual appetite improvement
  3. No mouth or throat ulcers (typical chemotherapy side effect)
  4. Skin did not turn dark (typical chemotherapy side effect) – in fact, his skin tone lightened as seen from picture 1
  5. Gained weight – at least 3 kg
  6. Did not experience much side effects in general (has quality of life )
  7. Tumor shrunk from 5.9 to 2.9 cm after chemotherapy (refer to report in picture 2)
  8. Asxence helped him complete the full course of chemotherapy at the prescribed dosage
He is therefore really happy and decided to share this to help other people with similar problems.
一名中年男子阿兹曼,发现肺癌 第4 期,正在接受化疗。
通过朋友的推荐,他使用 昂晟Asxence 以每天 3×4 粒的剂量服用。
以下是经过第一轮的18 周后治疗周期和服用昂晟Asxence 的好处:
  1.  恢复精力
  2.  食欲慢慢好转
  3.  从来没有经历过咀巴或喉咙溃疡(化疗的症状之一)
  4.  皮肤色泽并没有真正变黑,实际上是在化疗期间中变浅(见图1)
  5.  体重增加至少3公斤
  6.  基本上没有太多副作用(生活有质量)
  7.  在化疗药物的帮助下,肿瘤从 5.9 厘米缩小到 2.9 厘米(参见图 2 中的那些报告)
  8.  昂晟Asxence 避免了减少化疗剂量或停止化疗的情况

Male, 85

This 85 year old uncle survived from colon cancer 20 years ago. However, he experienced a relapse last January, and the cancer cells spread to his liver. His doctor operated on his large intestine and put him under chemotherapy and informed him that he only had a few months left.
Through his friend recommendation, he took Asxence to reduce side effects from the chemotherapy.
His doctor was surprised that he managed to survive until now without side effects. He feels well and his cancer cells did not spread further from his liver which is a small miracle.
He also recovered well from covid -19 (only in 5 days time) two months ago. He only had a little flu and some cough but no fever.
Currently, he is taking 9 (3×3) capsules a day for maintenance. He is happy with the improvements and decided to share his experience in order to help more people with his situation.
兩個月前他也從covid -19(只用5天)中恢復得很好,只有一點點流鼻涕和一些咳嗽,甚至沒有發燒🤒

Ah Piao, middle aged

Ah Piao, a middle-aged man shared his experience on taking Asxence Asthaxanthin for 1 year:
1. His suffered from tumours (Neo-growth) in his hand and head for more than years and they disappeared after months of taking Asxence.
2. He feels more energetic, has better complexion and is able to focus better.
He introduced Asxence to his father who is 90 years old. After administering Asxence for a few months, his father felt more energetic and is able to walk by himself. He is also able to execute simple exercises on his own.
1. 他的手和頭上十多年的肉腫瘤(新生長物)在服用 昂晟(Asxence)多个個月後已經消失了。
2. 他感覺精力充沛、活躍、更佳的精神,膚色更好、注意力更集中、更健康。
從 昂晟(Asxence)獲得很多种好處後,阿飘決定與公眾分享他的喜悦,讓更多人也可以嘗試昂
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