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Testimonial – Enlargement of prostate gland (个人体验 – 前列腺肥大)

An elderly man in his 70s had very frequent urination at night (3-4 times) and experienced difficulty while urinating since 2 years ago.
After consulting specialists, it was confirmed that this was due to enlarged prostate gland which is a very common health issue for elderly men.
He supplemented Asxence super food together with prescribed medicine and a few months later, his condition improved.
After another few months, he stopped consuming the prescribed medication but continued supplementing with Asxence at 4 (2×2) capsules a day.
2 years later, his prostate review showed that his condition is back to normal. He also does not have problem urinating nor does he wake up to urinate often at night.
He was very happy and amazed with Asxence and wish to share his experience to help more people with such problem.

咨询专科医生后确认是前列腺肥大 – 这是年龄大男人很常见的健康问题。
专家开了一些药,同时他的朋友也推荐了昂晟超级食品(Asxence )一起服用(因为昂晟它可以帮助修复,年轻化和再生身体的细胞)。
几个月后,他的情况好转,停止了医生的药物,每天继续服用四(2×2 )颗昂晟(Asxence)。
他对昂晟(Asxence )的效果感到非常满意和惊讶,并希望分享以帮助更多有排尿问题的人。

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