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Testimonial – Knee Cap Replacement Surgery (个人体验 – 膝盖骨置换术)

An elderly man had his knee cap replaced. It involved a major surgery where a 33cm incision was made. The specialist told him he would require 2-3 months before he can start practicing to walk due to his age and health condition.
However, a friend introduced Asxence to improve the wound healing, suppress inflammation and reduce pain after operation.
He supplemented with 6-9 capsule a day and to his surprise, 18 days later, he could start walking.
Furthermore, during the healing period, the pain was very minimum and most importantly, he can now walk freely and climb staircases.
He is here to share his experience as he knows many elderly people go through knee replacement like him so he hopes to help that they will try Asxence for faster recovery and less pain during the healing process.


Testimonial – Knee Fracture (个人体验 – 膝盖骨折)

A young lady fractured her knee and was unable to walk well for a long time despite going for multiple physical therapy sessions.
Her friend recommended her to Asxence super food which helps in repairing, rejuvenating and reproducing cells aside from having strong anti-inflammatory properties.
In less than 3 weeks, she managed to climb up and down the staircase without much issue and required less physical therapy treatments.
She was very happy with Asxence and decided to share her experience in order to help more people with similar knees and joints problems.
她的朋友推荐昂晟(Asxence )超级食品给她因为昂晟有修复、使细胞年轻化和再生身体细胞的效果,并具有非常强的抗炎特性。
服用昂晟(Asxence )后,在不到 3 周的时间里,她可以轻松的上下楼梯,并且可以减少治疗的次数。
她对昂晟(Asxence )非常满意,并决定分享她的经验,以帮助更多有类似膝盖和关节问题的人。

Ahmad Zamani

Hi, I am Ahmad Zamani. Badminton is one of my passionate sport and mostly play every days. Since I had my knee operation 2 years ago, doctor advised me to stop and wait for the recovery that will expect to take longer time. I had tried many others supplement and medication but seems the result still the same but after trying this Axcense the product from Singapore. I can feel the different on my knee and I could move better on badminton court. Although I am still not fully recovered but I managed to move and hit the shuttle rom backcourt to frontcourt. Therefore, I am very grateful to have this product tried.

As a sport man and badminton lover, this supplement improve my health a lot and I would like other people to experience it as well. I wish to recommend Axcense to those who need to improve their health. Thank you

嗨,我是艾哈邁德·紮馬尼。 羽毛球是​​我熱愛的運動之一,大部分時間每天都在打。 由於我兩年前做過膝蓋手術,醫生建議我停下來等待恢復,但需要很长長的時間。 我嘗試了許多其他補充劑和藥物,没有什么改善,但在嘗試了來自新加坡的 昂晟”Axcense ”產品几个月之後。 我能感覺到膝蓋的不同,很大的改善,我可以在羽毛球場上更好地移動。 雖然我還沒有完全康復,但我可以從後場到前場進行了穿梭。 因此,我非常感謝試用該產品。

作為一個運動愛好者和羽毛球愛好者,這種補充劑極大地改善了我的健康,我希望其他人也能體驗到它。 我想向需要改善健康的人推薦 Axcense。

Male, 56

A male of age 56, experienced the following improvements in his kidney profile and benefits to his joint and bone profiles after taking Asxence for 7 months.

1. Urea decreased from 6.9 ( exceed limit ) to 5.7 (normal ).

2. Urea acid decreased from 411 to 350 , and RA factor ( rheumatoid arthritis) decreased from 12 to 9.

3. Urine microalbumin decreased from 3.10 to 1.87. Urine creatinine decreased from 15.53 to 12.50.

一名 56 歲的男性,服用 Axsence-昂晟7 個月後,腎功能有積極影響,並有益於骨骼和關節輪廓。

第 1 项:尿素從 6.9(超限)降至 5.7(正常)。

第2项:尿素從 411 降到 350,RA 因子(類風濕性關節炎)從 12 降到 9。

第 3 项:尿微量白蛋白從 3.10 降至 1.87。 而且尿肌酐從15.53降到了12.50。

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