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Testimonial – Melasma (pigmentation) (个人体验 – 面颊色素)

A lady had long term Melasma (a type of pigmentation/age spot) for years due to the progression of age.
More spots appeared on her face and the color was getting darker. After trying many products to reduce the pigmentation, the results were minimal.
A friend recommended her Asxence super food to help reduce her pigmentation and improve her overall health since Asxence helps to repair, rejuvenate and reproduce body cells.
She supplemented 4 capsules (2×2) daily and after 3 months, she observed her Melasma lightening. After 6 months, the pigmentation lightened even further and no new pigmentation appeared.
In 9 months, the Melasma had lightened by 70% and her skin tone became fairer while her complexion became more luminous.
She was very happy and is here to share her good experience with Asxence in hopes to help people with different pigmentations issues.

有一位朋友推荐昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来帮助她改善色素沉着的问题并改善她的整体健康状况。因为昂晟(Asxence )可以修复细胞,使用细胞年轻化,并能帮助身体细胞再生。
女士每天服用4颗(2×2)胶囊。3 个月后,她观察到自己的黄、褐斑开始变淡。6个月后效果更加明显。最重要的是其他部位没有出现新的黄、褐斑。

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