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Testimonial – Stamina Recovery (个人体验 – 体力恢复)

Ex Singapore 🇸🇬 national badminton player Soon Onn bought a few bottles of Asxence to test the effectiveness of this super food towards the stamina.
Before Alvin recommended Asxence to him, he had been approached by many other similar products which he turned down because he felt that his fitness was in good condition.
However, he noticed that despite being older, Alvin is faster and stronger because of his regular consumption of Asxence super food. As such, he gave it a try.
He was very happy to find his stamina improving significantly after just 1-2 months of supplementing. The recovery in between and after games were especially noticeable.
He has been sharing Asxence to other players and friends and will continue to do so because Asxence has many health benefits beyond sports recovery.
Like the saying, “wealth without health is nothing” but “wealth with health is joy and happiness“.

前新加坡🇸🇬国家羽毛球运动员Soon Onn 为了测试这种超级食物对体力的功效买了几瓶昂晟(Asxence)。
直到他看到Alvin 比他年龄大,但由于经常食用昂晟(Asxence ) ,所以在球场上比他更快,更强,所以决定尝试一下。
服用1-2个月后,他很高兴因为不仅发现自己的体力提高了很多 – 特别是打球其间和其后的恢复,而且打球中受伤的情况也减少了(羽毛球是一项快速而激烈的运动)。
他现在与其他球员和朋友分享昂晟(Asxence )的好处。因为昂晟(Asxence )不仅有益于运动,还具有多种健康益处。

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