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Testimonial – Successful Pregnancy (个人体验 – 顺利怀孕)

A young married couple had tried to conceive for more than than three years. However, whatever method they tried, and even with guidance from doctors, they still could not fulfil their dreams of becoming parents. This made made them feel very disappointed and helpless.
His friend recommend Asxence super food to regulate his body and after consuming it for around 9 months, (he did not change any habits nor took any special food intake – the only difference was taking Asxence diligently at 2×2 capsules a day) his wife was successfully pregnant and a baby was born.
Also he feels more energetic and was able to cope with daily activities. His skin texture also improved a lot.
He was very happy and is here to share his good experience in hopes to help those people with similar problems.

他的朋友推荐昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来调理他的身体。在服用了大约9个月后,(他没有改变任何生活习惯,也没有改变任何特殊的食物摄入,唯一不同的是每天坚持服用4粒 (2×2)的昂晟(Asxence )),他的妻子成功怀孕并且顺利产下一个婴儿。

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