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Testimonial – Improvement in mental stress and anxiety/nervousness (个人体验 – 减轻精神压力(紧张/焦虑))

A young lady Zhi Ying was taking Asxence to improve her general health and after supplementing for three months, she is very happy to share her good experiences.
1. Her complexion is much better than before.
2. Her hair looks better and in fact, she witnessed more hair growth.
3. Improvement in mental stress and anxiety which helped her eliminate the need for daily medication to calm her down. Only once a while will she need to eat her medication.
Her mood has become much better and controlled and she feels more confident. Her doctor is very supportive in her taking Asxence.
4. Her nose block and heavy breathing has improved a lot and she hardly have those issues anymore.
She is very appreciative of those benefits she got from Asxence and is here to share her good experiences.

2. 她的头发比以前更有光泽,而且头发比以前长得更多。
3. 她的精神压力(紧张/焦虑),自从服用昂晟(Asxence)后,减轻了许多。她不在需要每天服药来让她平静下来。 目前偶尔才需要服用药物。
4. 她的鼻子阻塞、呼吸沉重的问题进步很多,有些时候完全没有这个问题。
她很感激从昂晟(Asxence )获得的这些好处,并在这里与大家分享。

Testimonial – Hair loss and Dry Skin (个人体验 – 脱发和皮肤干燥)

Mr Hady had hair lost issues for years and tried many ways to resolve it to no avail.
One day, his Friend Alvin recommended him to take Asxence super food to counter his hair lost issues as Asxence has reparative, regenerative and rejuvenating properties.
After 3 months of consumption, he saw new hair start to grow. Additionally, his skin texture improved and became smoother. His nails also grew faster, became stronger, more luminous, and less prone to breaking easily. Previously it was rough and ridged and chipped off easily.
He is very happy and is here to share his experience with Asxence because he knows that many people has hair loss and dry skin issues.

“哈迪”先生多年来一直有脱发问题。他尝试很多方法,但根本看不到任何改进。 直到他的朋友 Alvin 推荐他服用昂晟(Asxence )超级食品来对抗他的脱发问题。因为昂晟(Asxence )有助于修复,使细胞年轻化和再生身体细胞的功能。
不仅如此,他还有更好的皮肤质地(之前干燥和粗糙),皮肤变得更光滑。之前,他的指甲表面粗糙(波纹),并且容易折断。现在他的指甲变得更光滑,有亮度,长得更快并且不会 不容易断裂。

Testimonial – Sinus (个人体验 – 鼻窦炎/过敏)

Lynn started taking Asxence super food to persuade her husband to consume it for his health.
She experienced three things after consuming Asxence:
1. After a few weeks, she noticed baby hairs growing at her forehead region which brought her great excitement as she was worried about hair loss issues with the increase in age.
2. She suffers from serious long term sinus where she would sneeze whenever she wakes up.
However, within 2 months of taking Asxence, her husband noticed her sinus symptoms had disappeared.
To confirm it was Asxence that caused her recovery, she decided to do a test whereby she stopped taking Asxence for 2 days. Her theory was confirmed when her sinus came back and she knew Asxence was the cause of her recovery as her sinus stopped after she resumed consumption of Asxence.
3. In the past, if she slept late or did not have enough sleep, her nose would be very congested which caused her to be unable to focus at work. This improved after taking Asxence for a few weeks which allowed her to focus on her work
She is very happy with so many unexpected health benefits she is getting after taking Asxence and decided to share in order to help more people with similar issues .

Lynn女士开始服用昂晟(Asxence )超级食品,以便说服她的丈夫也使用昂晟改善他的健康状况。
1. 服用昂晟几个星期后,她注意到额头开始长出许多婴儿毛发。她对这种现象感到非常高兴因为她担心随着年纪的增长,脱发会是个问题。
2. 她有非常严重的长期鼻窦炎/过敏,早上醒来时,会开始打喷嚏。但是在服用昂晟(Asxence )不到 2 个月,她的丈夫发现她的鼻窦/过敏症状已经消失了。
起初,她不太确定昂晟(Asxence )是否有这方面的影响,所以决定对其进行测试。她停止服用昂晟2 天后,鼻窦/过敏症状再次出现。
3. 过去,如果她睡得晚或睡眠不足,第二天她的鼻子会非常阻塞和难受,导致她难以专心工作。

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