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Premium Astaxanthin supplement from a unique fermentation process, derived from modern biotechnology inspired from Japan

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About Asxence

Premium Astaxanthin supplement supplier

Since 2020, Asxence has established its presence in Singapore, supplying our very own premium Astaxanthin supplement.


What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid produced in microalgae, yeast, bacteria and fungi; in the aquatic environment microalgae are consumed by zooplankton, insects or crustaceans (e.g. krill, shrimp, lobster and crayfish) which accumulate astaxanthin and in turn are ingested by fish (e.g. salmon and trout).

Sacha Inchi Oil

New and Improved Formula with Sacha Inchi Oil

Sacha Inchi Oil also help to promote younger and healthier skin, maintain kidney function, aids brain health, assist with diabetes, weight loss and many more!

Our Product

Sacha Inchi Oil

Get your bottle of Asxence at just $158!

A single gel capsule of ours contains more than 80% of pure freeform 3S,3’S Astaxanthin strains, which differentiates us from our competitors. We are proud to provide you with the only supplement you will ever need

Health Benefits of Asxence

King of Antioxidants

Helps fight free radicals, increasing resilience against oxidative stress.

Guardian of Organs

Astaxanthin helps in maintaining and improves the function of the body's vital organs.

Beauty and Skin

Optimises skin health, boosting skin care and reducing wrinkles.

Muscle Performance

Reduces muscle inflammation, suppresses muscle fatigue, lowers lactic and many more.

Cognitive Health

Helps prevents dementia, modulates blood pressure and lower stroke risk.

Cardiovascular Health

Supports healthy lipid metabolism, reduces HDL oxidation and enhances capillary circulation.

Our Customer

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Soh Chin Tiam
"When I first took Asxence, I felt more energetic, slept more soundly at night and my body recovered much faster from my daily walks and jogs. I was suffering from knee pains from climbing steps. Miraculously, the pain disappeared after 2 months of taking Asxence and it is unbelievable indeed. I would highly recommend Asxence to people of all age groups due to its positive effects on one’s health even in the long run.👍"
Benjamin Khong
"I had a bad case of reflux and no other supplements or Chinese medicine could help my condition until I stumbled upon Asxence. It helped with my morning bloatedness quite instantly. I feel more energized in the morning as well. I highly recommend this product!"
Kim Tang
"After starting on Asxence, I realised my energy level improved tremendously. I also have better sleep at night. Given my age, I was also suffering from some chronic joint pains. Surprisingly, with the help of Asxence, the pain in my leg improved significantly and I can now raise my leg more easily! Getting on the car and climbing steps were no longer chores. I’m very delighted to have been introduced to Asxence Astaxanthin and would highly recommend those with existing ailments, young or old to try it out!"


Our Research Library

You can learn more about what astaxanthin can do for you in our Research Library which comprises of many research papers done by professionals around the world.

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